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Trick training is a great activity to do with your dog as it is mentally enriching and enhances your bond with them. You can then take all the fun you have had together at home into the trial ring! Trick Dog trials are a fantastic entry level sport for newcomers to the ring. In the beginning levels food and toys are allowed in the ring in a designated reward area and can be given after each trick. The environment of a trick dog trial is very positive and fun focused.

ANKC Trick Dog Rules

Where to Train

Yuggera Canine Club, Durack

Jimboomba Dog Training Club, North Maclean

Pine Rivers Dog Training Club, Strathpine

Where to Trial

A variety of clubs all over Queensland are hosting trick trials. 

Information on upcoming trials can be found in Dog World Magazine gazettes, Show Manager and K9 Entries. Entries are through Show Manager or K9 Entries.

Trick Dog: Females
Trick Dog: Quote

Trick Dog tests encourage owners and handlers to teach their dogs skills and to display various behaviours in a positive and fun environment. The rules are designed in such a way that handlers and dogs of all abilities are able to compete on an equal footing.

The objective in Trick Dog training and competition is for the dog and handler to perform a selection of tricks, presented with obvious cooperation between a dog that is willing and working well and a supportive handler. Tricks allow us to improve communication and thereby increase our bond with our dogs.

- ANKC Trick Dog Rules (2020)

Trick Dog: Pro Gallery
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